We specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)—an attachment-based therapy that focuses on core relationships, whether in a couple partnership, between family members, or other important relationships within an individual’s life, in order to create stronger, secure connections within those valued relationships.

Family Therapy

Families often seek family therapy when they feel stuck in a loop of conflict or avoidance of conflict, get caught in a battle between parent-child, realize differences in parenting styles, and start to question their ability to find their own resolutions to their struggles or life changes.

You may be concerned about one child in your family or you may be doubting yourself and wishing you had the confidence your partner does as a parent.

This is a space to navigate these concerns and doubts as one team, so you can identify the ways each individual can grow and how the other family members can also grow as they support one another.

It may be uncomfortable at times, but your family will learn tools to communicate clearly, disclose feelings, discuss issues, and maintain healthy relationship interactions thereafter.

Ultimately you should learn to relate more authentically, grow in attentiveness with one another, thus ensuring a strong foundation in your family.

Couples Therapy

Joining together as a couple in therapy can offer a place to rebuild the strong partnership you’ve lost, find resolution when defeat has held you captive, or reconnect as a unit when you’ve found yourself focused as a parent or in your work and forgot how to be fully connected with your partner.

Following the steps of Emotionally Focused Therapy you will understand your strengths, and learn to see what is happening in your relationship that holds you stuck in the ways that aren’t benefiting you or your partner.

There are often many deeper components to the EFT steps, and if you’re ready to dive into the underlying parts of yourself and your relationship, this will be the space for you to do just that.

As we work together, you’ll find a new intimate relationship bond that becomes reality and offers you the communication and resolution you need.

Individual Therapy

Individuals often seek therapy for themselves when they crave a deeper understanding of their lives, themselves, and their relationships.

Many times the relationship and family dynamics can affect the core perceptions we have of ourselves or how we see others. These dynamics can create even deeper impressions on our ability to feel secure in our lives. At times, this creates an opportunity for anxiety, conflict, isolation, or other forms of distress to take control of our lives.

Individual therapy can be a place to explore your emotions, experiences, and beliefs about your life and relationships in order to regain authority in your life.

Premarital Therapy

Couples considering marriage or engaged to be married often desire to strengthen and grow their relationship foundation.

Through the use of assessment tools + various programs and collaborating together on how best to utilize your session times—typically six sessions—couples emerge with a deeper understanding of each other and their relationship dynamics.

A certificate can be given once you complete the assessment, and it can even discount your marriage license.

Once married, you can review the workbook to check on those same strengths and growth areas. An intake session is usually scheduled to determine if this may be a supportive resource to enhance our couples’ session together.


We reserve virtual session times in our private practice to accommodate the safety protocols in place with COVID-19 and to offset our busy lifestyles.

Live video therapy sessions are offered to anyone in the State of Texas. We use a secure HIPAA platform—Simple Practice— to conduct these video sessions.

Places of Focused Therapy

Relational Issues

  • Family conflict
  • Family separation or divorce navigation or recovery
  • Family disconnect, shutdown, or avoidance
  • Peer relationships
  • Parenting differences

Couples Growth

  • Rebuilding intimacy or emotional connection
  • Affair recovery
  • Divorce contemplation
  • Premarital
  • Marriage adjustment
  • Creating a family

Medical Considerations

Helping people through stress and pressure when facing chronic illness

  • Navigating new diagnosis
  • Eating disorder recovery for individual or family
  • Medical trauma
  • Chronic or acute illness management:
    • ADHD
    • ALS
    • Cancer
    • Autoimmune Disorder
    • Covid-19

Transitional Changes

Big Life Events

  • School changes
  • Move adjustments
  • Developmental stages: middle school, high school, identity formation, emotional expression and regulation

The Doolittle Approach

If you are looking for a way to grow your relationships, move through a tough season, or simply desire a healthier family, or personal life, our process is simple:


We sit down and discuss your family's challenges and collaborate on goals


We begin our partnership in your family’s well being through scheduled time together


Together we dig deeper to navigate to a new understanding and awareness


As you begin to apply this understanding and awareness you'll feel the regained authority over your family's life

We do


Walk through this WITH you and become a partner in your family's wellbeing


Help you understand why and how to move through or past it


Take authority of the sessions in a guided and transparent processes, and support your authority over your life


Empathize with you and tailor each session to you and your family's unique needs


Welcome raw and passionate emotions. Let’s get real

We don’t


Shame you, shut you down, or push an agenda on your situation


Assume we know what you’re going through


Have a formula to fix things. Every situation is different. This is a process that takes time and effort


Push biases or stereotypes


Always fit everyone's needs, and that’s okay. We will be honest and refer you to someone better suited for you

Let's go on a journey together

that should ultimately end with your family taking renewed authority over their lives.

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