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Transforming fractured families into restored families

as you navigate through relational issues, life transitions and chronic or acute medical conditions.

Morgan Doolittle MFT Client Consultation

Family members shouldn’t feel lost or hurt—they should be valued and love.

At The Doolittle Therapy Group, we help families find their way to understanding one another by uncovering the root issues. Together, we address more than the surface problems.  

Your therapist will go on the journey with your family as you walk through the process toward resolution.

While your therapist will direct the sessions to provide structure and security in a shared space, you will find this transfers to how you feel more secure and connected in your home. 

We best serve families, couples and individuals who:

Believe their family can heal from their difficulty or experience, but they don’t know how to make that happen.

Desire the root issue or behavior to be addressed and resolved. They realize it’s not a quick fix.

Understand that to help one person grow, sometimes the whole family has to grow, and vice versa.

Have complex and dynamic relationships that are disconnected, harbor insecurities or lack connection.

Values we share with our clients:



True belonging in our most treasured partnerships can occur.


Healthy, intimate and loving relationships are possible.


Each individual should feel seen, heard and valued.

Father and Son playing and building trust
Couple connecting and holding hands



Strengthen our connection with others by showing openness to one another's perspective and experiences.


Truly see and understand each other and foster deeper compassion and respect.


Easily speak our minds in a productive way, which can offer new relationship patterns that foster closeness.



Explore what needs to change and why, then collaborate on how.


Remain open to pursuing personal, relationship, and/or family growth to find courage, empathy and healing.


Gain confidence in skills applied to remain engaged in the new way, that allow change to be long term and relationship repairs to be maintained.

Mother and teenage daughter collaborating and cooking in kitchen

If you are looking for a way to grow your relationships, move through a tough season, or simply desire a healthier family or personal life, we’d love to meet you.


It takes great courage and vulnerability to come to a “stranger” for help. I believe you can’t get the benefits if you don’t take the risk, and It won’t be long until I shift from stranger to a guide you can trust.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist my desire is to help families find their growth through treatment of relational issues, life transitions, challenging developmental stages, or coping with a chronic or acute medical condition or a disability.

Morgan Doolittle MFT Portrait Headshot

We’ll go on a journey together that should ultimately end with your family taking renewed authority over their lives.

“Morgan is an incredibly attentive therapist who pours her heart into her work with clients. In consultation and training, I have been privileged to witness her compassion for healing relational wounds. She works diligently to understand the depth of each person’s experience and evoke meaningful change with warmth and kindness.”

“As a therapist, Morgan is one of the most ethical, compassionate, and competent colleagues I have. Morgan’s experience with family therapy and emotionally focused therapy means she is not one to shy away from what others might think of as "messy" or "complicated.” Morgan is someone who genuinely cares about her clients. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her services to meet your counseling needs.”

"Morgan is an intentional, dedicated, and personable therapist. Morgan’s ability to connect with and care for her clients is astounding and genuine. Morgan continues to stay on top of up to date research in order to always provide the best services."

Let's go on a journey together

that should ultimately end with your family taking renewed authority over their lives.

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